FeefDC is an interactive real estate and design community launched in 2020.  It offers users the ability to rate homes, play quiz games, and connect with others using a variety of social networking capabilities.

Although FeefDC focuses solely on homes in the Washington, DC metro area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia), we aim to be a more entertaining platform for home and design enthusiasts everywhere to come together and share their passion.

Our Mission

Goals of FeefDC include:

  1. Raising the standards of current home design
  2. Establishing accountability for design professionals
  3. Giving homebuyers an opportunity to read the thoughts of people who aren’t trying to make a sale
  4. Showing builders and design professionals what people actually want
  5. Spreading knowledge on the features of quality home design

Obviously, none of these things are going to happen over night.  But we believe in the power of community, criticism, and competition to effect change over time.

Our Name

The “Feef” in FeefDC is a play on the term “fief” – an estate of land in medieval times.  The theme of our logo and artwork draws inspiration from this term.  The name of our site administrator, Baron, was derived from the rank of nobility who oversaw these fiefs.  

Our Promise

FeefDC is committed to providing completely unbiased information and criticism.  We are in no way affiliated with any real estate or design organization and have no financial interests in the homes posted.

In the spirit of transparency, we do hope to one day collaborate with organizations and professionals within the home and design sphere and other various industries.  We’ll let you know when that happens, and will make sure it has no impact on our commitment to impartiality.

Thanks to:

Rachel Lovett – Logo & Art Design
Orpheus Inc. – Web Development