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Rate It – CCDC Renovation

By January 21, 2021 March 3rd, 2021 One Comment

Leave your review below of this renovation in DC’s Chevy Chase neighborhood, just listed at $1,525,000.  See how our readers scored this home in the comment section, and how it compares to others in the area here.


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Exterior – 7.2
Pretty broad appeal.  It gives you a classic look, while also showing a modern touch.  As pretty as that shade of blue is with the white, you’ll have to be sure to keep up with maintenance, because it can quickly fade.

Interior – 6.5
Essentially your standard update for today.  Will be on the owners to set the tone/theme with their decorating and interior design, which many will enjoy.  I, like many others, prefer a more open main level.

Kitchen – 5.6
Again, pretty standard.  But I’ve always liked herringbone tile, and I appreciate that restraint was shown as far as light fixtures, etc.  Is that half island worth it?  I don’t think it adds enough to justify boxing you in like this.

Bathrooms – 5.9
The lack of a true “owners’ bathroom” could be an issue for some.  The one that gets that designation looks the worst of the bunch.  It seems as if it’d been more recently updated than the rest of the house, so they just left it.

Amenities – 6.4
The patio itself is a bit rough looking, but even having that and this much yard space was more than I was expecting.  You get a few options to sit and enjoy the outdoors – something I try to do as much as possible – and can choose shade or sunlight.  

Overall – 6.3

Rate It – CCDC Renovation
Average Exterior Rating1 Vote7.2
Average Interior Rating1 Vote6.5
Average Kitchen Rating1 Vote5.6
Average Bathrooms Rating1 Vote5.9
Average Amenities Rating1 Vote6.4

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