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What’s Your Offer? – 22101

By January 20, 2021 March 10th, 2021 2 Comments

This past weekend, we toured this new build in McLean, VA (22101), which is currently listed at $2,999,999.  Since its completion in 2019, the home has yet to find an owner.

What would you offer if you were on the market for something with similar specs?  Leave your offer and your rating of the home in the comment section below!


AV Architects + Builders – a firm specializing in modern, sustainably built homes – completed construction of the home in 2019.  It was originally listed at $3.5 million.  More.


Our Offer/Review

So looking at other nearby comps of 7500+ sq ft, this is easily one of the more attractive and least offensive options, as far as exterior goes. Whether people love it or hate it, you’ll be making a statement in this neighborhood full of dated/generic McMansions.  If that’s something you’re into, how it looks in-person may actually underwhelm, as the wood comes across much darker than the photos make it seem.

The interior largely avoids the overwhelmingly huge feeling I was expecting from the photos/statistics.  I really only felt “small” – and stumped from a decorator’s point of view – in the basement.  But for the most part, you get the whole story within 3 seconds of entering – open feel, natural light, modern scheme, etc.  So whatever your immediate reaction is should dictate your overall opinion.  

Things that could potentially turn you away:

  1. Owners’ suite on main level
  2. Neighboring houses having full view into backyard
  3. “Cold” feeling kitchen

Re: #3.. Many buyers today want a dream kitchen that’s the heart/cornerstone of the home.  Here, it just feels like a small part of an extremely open main level. When we visited, the other family looking around had a young child.  That warm, family-friendly feeling might be something they’re looking for.  I’m not sure if they get it here.

Our offer: $2.68

Overal rating: 6.3
Ext – 6.3; Int – 6.2; Kitchen – 5.7; Baths – 6.9; Amenities – 6.5

What’s Your Offer? – 22101
Average Exterior Rating2 Votes6.9
Average Interior Rating2 Votes6.6
Average Kitchen Rating2 Votes7.0
Average Bathrooms Rating2 Votes7.1
Average Amenities Rating2 Votes7.0


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