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…of this new build in McLean, VA (22101), currently listed at $2,987,432.  Did the builders deliver the value you’d want for this price?

See how our readers scored this home – compared to others in the area – here.  Contact Lee Brady of Casey Margenau Fine Homes (lee@margenau.com) with any questions that you have about the home.  We appreciate him showing us around on Sunday!


AV Architects + Builders – a firm specializing in modern, sustainably built homes – completed construction of the home in 2019.  It was originally listed at $3.5 million.

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Exterior – 6.6
For buyers seeking 7500+ sq ft in McLean, it’s easily one of the more attractive and least offensive options.  The contemporary cues bring some much needed currency to a neighborhood full of dated McMansions, but are dialed back enough to not scare away someone who normally wouldn’t go for that style.  I found the wood to come across darker in person, and not as well as it does in the photos.

Interior – 6.2
Avoids the overwhelmingly huge feeling I was expecting from the photos/statistics.  I really only felt “small” – and stumped from a decorator’s point of view – in the basement.  For the most part, you get the whole story within 3 seconds of entering – open feel, natural light, modern scheme, etc.  So whatever your immediate reaction is should dictate your overall opinion (unless you can’t stand the master suite being on the main level). 

Kitchen – 6.0
Many buyers today want a dream kitchen that’s the heart/cornerstone of the home.  Here, it just feels like a small part of an extremely open main level. Much more than anything design related, I see a potential issue lying here.  When we visited, the other family looking around had a young child.  That warm, family-friendly feeling might be something they’re looking for.  I’m not sure if they get it here.  

Bathrooms – 7.1
A lot of the same things to like here that you would from the house in general – light, openness etc.  The primary in particular offers plenty of floor space with the water closet and tucked away shower.  The idea of taking a bath right next to floor to ceiling windows – for some – might be uncomfortable, even though no homes look directly in.  Secondaries are consistent, with enough variation to not seem lazy.

Amenities – 7.0
Checks several of the boxes of must haves for this price range: 3 car garage, big yard, deck/patio.  There are a few houses to the rear that have a pretty full view into the yard when the trees are empty, as they were when we visited.  

Overall – 6.6
Offer – $2.85

What’s Your Offer? – 22101
Average Exterior Rating2 Votes6.9
Average Interior Rating2 Votes6.6
Average Kitchen Rating2 Votes7.0
Average Bathrooms Rating2 Votes7.1
Average Amenities Rating2 Votes7.0


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