Halloween Photo Contest 2020

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Halloween may play out somewhat differently than normal this year, but that didn’t stop people in the DC area from showing a little holiday spirit.  Check out the houses that had the best and most interesting decorations we found while driving around this weekend.

Vote for your favorite and least favorite decorations here between now and Sunday, November 29th.

Gallery: Halloween 2020

Our thoughts

Maybe people are bored because of the pandemic, but I never realized how much of a thing this was.  I was impressed by all the different approaches and themes, and how people maximized their surroundings.

One thing I do want to warn about is inflatables.  While they’re probably the quickest way to make an impression, they can just as easily backfire.  We saw several that were deflated, toppled over, or facing the wrong direction.  So be prepared for a hassle if you plan on using these. To me, skeletons and other life-sized characters seem like safer/easier alternatives that are just as cool and more versatile.

I’d also think twice about spider webs; particularly the cotton variety.  Somehow, most of the examples we photographed were able to get them to look coherent, but overall they seem to get messy.  I would suggest the more sturdy circular designs or the kind that string from the roof instead.

(Update 12/1/20) See the winners here!

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