I’ve decided to abandon my original plan of a traditional “most votes wins” Holiday photo contest for something I think is simpler.  It’s basically DC vs. Northern Virginia now, as collective efforts.  With one additional layer – the DC photos were taken during the day, and the Virginia photos at night.  We’ll start with “District Days”…

District Days

We noticed that decorations in DC tended to show better during the day.  They’re more reserved compared to NOVA, and there’s hardly anything that lights up.  Some may prefer this classy, more tasteful look; others may find that it gets repetitive after the first several photos.  My personal favorites here are #5 and #45, but I also want to recognize #38 for the creativity.

NOVA Nights

With glowing inflatables and colorful lights, NOVA was best explored during the night.  There’s a larger variety than DC in the types of decorations, and more examples of people going “all out.”  You may find yourself electrified by these flashy displays, or you may find the majority of them to be tacky.  My favorite here is #104.

How about you – Would your Winter Wonderland look more like a District Day or a NOVA Night?  Leave a vote in the poll, and give your favorite home a shoutout in the comment section below.  Maryland – we’ll make sure you’re represented next time.

Happy New Year!

Who gets your vote?

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