Awful Lot, _____ House

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This past Sunday, we visited Dutko Ragen‘s new renovation project in Arlington, VA (22207), currently for sale for $1,795,000.

The lot is objectively awful, but does the home do enough for you to make up for it?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and see how this home compares to others in the area here!

5 beds
4,442 sq ft
4.5 baths
0.18 acre lot

Design Pro Remodeling handled the renovation.  The home sits on a corner lot with a park across the street.  Amenities include a one-car garage and an outdoor patio.  A third level loft contains an optional owners’ suite and wet bar. Listing.


Our Thoughts

Exterior – 6.5
Never would’ve thought this was a renovation.  This is a popular look for new builds in Arlington, and they almost nailed it here.  Something just looks off to me with the left 1/3.  I’m thinking it’s the height of the flat roof in relation to the gabled roof.  See a more effective look here, where there’s a greater disparity between the two styles, and the flat part sits lower.  Accommodating this would’ve meant losing half of the loft – any takers?

Interior – 6.9
Premium feel overall.  The primary and loft bedrooms both give off cool, kind of city vibes.  You may struggle to choose between the two, and then deciding what to do with the other once you do.  You’ll find a few issues like this re: livability/floorplan stemming from the original structure.  Might limit what kind of family would find this home ideal.

Kitchen – 7.2
Sets itself apart from other homes that use this exterior style by actually having a kitchen with some personality.  Waterfall countertops and floating wood shelves are things I’ve always found to be appealing, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect that to be the consensus if you’re buying this house.  You’ll also need to be ok with seeing the kitchen as soon as you walk through the front door.

Bathrooms – 6.8
I’ve gotten used to big windows in primaries, so this one seems a little claustrophobic without any.  The blue for the vanity seemed random at first, given the black on white scheme found throughout the home.  However, once you get to the loft’s bathroom, which has a black vanity, you wish you had the blue instead.  So I don’t know.  More people will probably be split on the gold.

Amenities – 3.4
They came in at a big disadvantage for this category because of how these lots were zoned – there’s virtually no backyard, the rear windows looks directly into the house next door, and you hardly get any privacy on the patio.  There’s a one-car garage, but I’m not sure if it’s big enough to accommodate the massive SUVs many buyers in this price range are going to own.

Awful Lot, _____ House
Average Exterior Rating5 Votes6.5
Average Interior Rating5 Votes7.5
Average Kitchen Rating5 Votes7.5
Average Bathrooms Rating5 Votes7.1
Average Amenities Rating5 Votes5.3


  • Dennis says:
    The Views

    All those windows give it the sort of life that a home needs

  • lecordonbleu says:

    I like the interior, but they won’t be hosting a turkey bowl football game any time soon in that yard…you know

  • thedonc says:
    Beautiful McMansion, who knew?

    Anytime that I hear of an older Arlington home being torn down for a rebuild, the fear of Ronald McDonald building another monstrosity immediately creeps into my mind. Fortunately, especially for the neighbors skyline view, this one is pleasant surprise. Yes, it is still quite large/tall, it is not the eyesore that others tend to be. As our @Baron, previously mentioned it combines a few types of styles externally that somehow fit quite nicely. The uniqueness of the exterior, albeit not my absolute dream home, tend to make it more approachable and modest. Sticking to the exterior, and honestly one of my only negatives…what is that patio? As someone who enjoys being out on the deck/patio/backyard more than most, I am really not grasping the concrete with grass outline. I think this “unique” or “out of the box” thought went a little to far, but hey that’s just the Haymarket in me talking.

    Interior: Outstanding. No complaints what so ever, outside of my disdain for barn doors being inside a house (they belong on a barn of course!) Jokes aside, the theme is maintained throughout the entirety of the indoors but tweaked enough to not grow stale. From backsplash to countertop to shower the attention to detail is beautifully done. Bravo. The open concept is, as someone said previously very open and not to everyone’s taste, but it is done in a way that allows you to fill in the space as necessary and still maintain the feel they designers were going for. I think most could find a way to make almost all of the spaces work to their preference. Also, the wet bar additions? Great addition.

    Overall, grade A stuff. Just need a little more extra, amenities wise, to raise the score. Outside of that very well done.

  • breecheese says:
    Can never have too many wet bars!

    For being such a large home, it worked well on a corner lot and fit the aesthetic with the other renovated homes in the neighborhood especially with the gorgeous white exterior yet you sacrifice for the lack of yard and privacy from neighbors. Really enjoyed most of the detailing of the interior, but the black marble of the fireplace, some gaudy light fixtures, and dull blue paint would still leave some projects to be done (just based on my personal preference). However, you really get 2 beautiful and open master suites, but as the original poster says, unsure how a family would organize into the bedrooms. My favorite pieces were the tall almost floor to ceiling windows throughout (however leaves a lot for the buyer to invest in installing shades/blinds/curtains because there currently are none) and the wet bars! Basement space was a bit of a disappointment, so for a family, do the kids have enough space to hang out?

    Toured Property!
  • DillyDilly says:

    Too open for me on that first floor. No backyard or outdoor privacy. I like the hardwood floors and modern style. Interior is great and really like the kitchen and bathrooms. Im just an outdoorsman myself, so need more from the yard

  • Baron says:
    Very solidly for what they were given

    See “Our Thoughts” above.

    Toured Property!

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