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Inside Scoop: The Scherzer Estate Sale

By October 22, 2020 December 31st, 2020 2 Comments

After about 5 years of ownership, Nationals ace Max Scherzer and his wife Erica have put their McLean, VA home on the market for $15 million.  They bought the home in 2015 ($5.2 mil) and put it through a major overhaul in 2017.

The home is located on Crest Lane, a highly regarded but little known pocket off of Chain Bridge Road.  Here’s what you’ll want to know…

The “Gold Coast”

If you’re from the DC area, you’ve probably driven past Crest Lane without even noticing.  Its sole entry point is a cut away street off of Chain Bridge Rd, right before the access point to GW Parkway towards 495 West, by the Arlington/McLean border.

Much of Crest Lane, including the Scherzer home, is on what’s considered to be McLean’s “Gold Coast” – a term for the homes that overlook the Potomac River on the Virginia side.  Several of the most expensive homes in the DC area overlook the River, either here or elsewhere, but Crest flies under the radar compared to nearby Chain Bridge, which draws more news and traffic.


Crest Lane offers seclusion, a woodsy setting, and large lots while being in a convenient location, but you’re really paying for the Potomac River views.  I argue that they tend to not be that great, and don’t justify the price premium – not to mention the smell of the River – but at points it can be beautiful.  

The Scherzers’ now former neighbors on Crest Lane include Alex Smith, QB of the Washington Football Team, and multiple foreign embassies.  Queen Noor of Jordan previously rented a home on the street.

Why Crest

Because of the sole access point, seclusion, and the way it’s laid out, Crest Lane is the perfect place for a high profile individual to stake out.  For starters, no one – besides maybe an Uber driver trying to get on 495 – is going to just stumble onto it.  I’ve driven down it a couple times and it’s honestly intimidating as hell.  There are multiple signs saying “private road,” but you can’t really tell what they’re referring to.  Then you have multiple streets, but they’re all just considered “Crest Lane.”  Thankfully a lot of the houses have gated entryways, or else I probably would’ve ended up on someone’s property.  And that’s with me having conducted hours worth of Google Earth background research.  

What awaits

If you muster up the courage to venture down any of these side streets, you’ll find some of the most ridiculously sized houses in the area.  You used to be able to virtually tour them from Earth but it looks like they’ve restricted access.  This aerial shot should give you an idea. 

I might not recommend doing too much exploring, though.  One of my sources tells me a turn down the wrong street can result in armed Seychellen security guards surrounding your vehicle.  If you want to test that rumor, that’s completely on you.

Without turning onto any side streets, you’re not going to be able to see too much, which adds to the mystique that makes Crest Lane what it is.

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If you’ve got any tips on Crest Lane or the Scherzer home, drop them in the comments below.  For more, check out the listing below, and a condo in the complex where the Scherzers reportedly lived pre-Crest.




  • breecheese says:

    Do we know where he ended up buying next? If they put so much into it to make it their perfect home, why did they leave for something else?

    • Baron says:

      They bought a home in Jupiter, FL in July (where Tiger Woods and a lot of pro golfers live):

      You would think they have to still have something here, since Max still has some time left on his contract with the Nationals. If I find anything out, I’ll let you know!


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