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Leave your review below of this renovation on N Tazewell St in Arlington, VA (22207).  It hit the market last week for $1,350,000.

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Originally built in 1969, the colonial-style home has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 3,965 square feet of living space.  Amenities include a one-car garage and a deck.  The lot is 0.23 acres.

Aspects of the renovation included moving the kitchen from the back right corner of the home to where it is now, in the back left, and removing several walls to create a more open floorplan.  The hardwood floors are brand new, as are the porch and walkway.

Redfin lists the home as in the Chain Bridge Forest neighborhood, though a search for the neighborhood tells you that it’s “nearby.”  Of homes currently for sale in the 22207 zip code, the median list price is $1.2 million.

Our Thoughts

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Exterior – 6.8
In a cul-de-sac where every home looks almost exactly the same, it manages to fit in while standing out.  Would fly under the radar but not look out of place in more expensive pockets off of Glebe Rd.  While the double doors serve no functional purpose, they allow for more of the light blue, which keeps things from looking too plain.  Can’t see anyone saying too much worse than “not my style.”  

Interior – 6.2
Comfortable, and new finishes blend well with what was left behind.  Despite the lure of more dramatic homes in the $2 million-ish range, you walk inside something like this and think “this is all I need out of life.”  Upstairs, parents may wish the owners’ suite was further from the secondary bedrooms.  Would’ve ideally been the bedroom around the staircase (decided against for plumbing reasons, according to realtor).  Basement’s a big selling point.  

Kitchen – 5.7
At this price range, if you’re looking in this location, you can’t be too picky with the kitchen.  You’re probably not going to cross anything off your list if it doesn’t have your favorite counter top design or a certain kind of whatever.  This does what it needs to – looks current and inviting enough, with a simple, productive layout.  Those overheads are kind of goofy though.  

Bathrooms – 4.4
Primary should’ve taken the same approach as the kitchen – just be good enough without any unnecessary risks.  The gamble to spruce things up with the mirrors and lighting doesn’t pay off for me.  Everything else is fine.  Do people actually shower across from each other like that?  

Amenities – 5.9
Private and quiet looking street.  Probably will want to spend some money in the back yard – a sizable portion is messy/unusable.  Nice potential there for a garden or some landscaping if that’s your thing.  A church parking lot is at the immediate rear.  

Rate it – N Arlington Reno
Average Exterior Rating5 Votes6.2
Average Interior Rating5 Votes6.5
Average Kitchen Rating5 Votes6.2
Average Bathrooms Rating5 Votes5.6
Average Amenities Rating5 Votes5.8


  • breecheese says:
    All about that brick, bout that brick, no siding!

    IDK WTF these other reviewers are thinking…the white brick paint job is a great choice to modernize the exterior in a cost effective way (and not just throwing cheap siding on to expand outwards!). I didn’t get much of an open concept feel throughout the house though – lots of walls and hallways and siloed rooms. And I maybe would have moved the staircase going upstairs – it’s not grand enough to be the first thing you see when you walk in the door especially for a 1.3M home. The basement is the seller for me… that’s where I can really see @lecordonbleu entertaining for MNF.

    Toured Property!
  • DillyDilly says:

    Not a fan of all white houses, wish they could mix it up more on the interior. They did well at renovating the interior and not too open which I like. Seems like they could do more outside/amenities. Maybe a porch or patio would put it over the top, but at this point i need more…

  • lecordonbleu says:
    Eh....ya know

    Not a fan of the white…exterior gives a dirty feeling to me. Backyard isn’t terrible however. Enough space to toss a pigskin or warm up for a ballgame with some long toss. I do like the living room, as it seems like a good place to host a Super Bowl watch party. I see they’re trying to be innovative with the double shower and while I appreciate creativity, I ain’t seeing this as something that anyone would enjoy. Maybe replace that second showerhead with a waterproof monitor so I can keep up with Redzone while washing off…..or a shelf to hold my beer….

  • thedonc says:
    Location location location... priced for McLean fit for Fairfax Station

    Exterior- full frontal appeal but lacking a backside. Jokes aside, this McLean style property is beautiful coming up the drive. Nice front lawn and a driveway give off a estately vibe, but the rest of the exterior leave a bit to be desired. While I do enjoy a nice painted brick, the shape of the home is pretty standard , which takes away from the walk up view. By all means , a nice house, but compared to other area houses and even previously reviews homes in this range… mediocrity exudes.

    Interior- I.. need.. more. For a home that projects as well as this does walking up, the interior is pretty average. While it does flow well and allow for multiple stylistic approaches, I expect more when it comes to accents, appliances, etc. again, not a bad job design wise but nothing that sets this one apart for this ol boy.

    Overall- we got what we expected not what we wanted.

  • Baron says:

    See “Our Thoughts” above

    Toured Property!

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