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Account Information 

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User Etiquette/Agreement

As a user of this site, you agree to:

a. Refrain from intentionally posting comments or reviews that will positively/negatively skewer results for the purposes of financial gain or to harm a competitor or this website  

b. Refrain from posting “troll” reviews for the sake of disrupting the rating system or providing to any other purpose.

c. Refrain from contacting members for solicitation purposes.

d. Refrain from abusing user functionalities or community features for the purpose of conducting business

e. Refrain from creating or commenting under multiple accounts for any purpose we deem inappropriate 

f. Refrain from claiming the identity of any person not yourself.  Usernames that include or parody the names of public figures may be acceptable pending review by site administrators 

g. Refrain from harassing or stalking other members or writers and administrators of this site

h. Refrain from posting hate speech of any kind 

i. Refrain from attempting to recreate this site or its likeness

j. Refrain from copying or mimicking the features, functionalities, feel, or characteristics of this site to launch a competing or similar site

Third Party Content and interaction

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Comments, posts, and updates

You agree that your comments, posts, or updates on this site may be deleted or edited at any time by site administrators.  They additionally may be used in promotional material for  You understand that FeefDC is a public website, and that anything you say on this site may be reproduced elsewhere.  

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The street names of homes posted on this site are pulled from publicity available information and used to provide context.  If you have a privacy concern, please contact us.

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Accuracy and opinions 

This website offers information that we believe to be accurate.  We will make our best effort to verify any information that FeefDC authors and administrators post.  However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information posted and shall not be responsible for its accuracy or usefulness.  Any information posted by non-staff users will not be verified for accuracy and is in no way this site’s responsibility. 


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Changes to these terms

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