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…of this new build in Alexandria, VA (22302).  Currently listed at $2,099,000, it’s been on the market since Nov 2020.

Are you a fan?  Check out some photos below, then leave your review under the gallery. Once you’ve rated, see how this home compares to others in the area here.

Our Thoughts

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Exterior – 4.9
Exterior listing photos at night are usually a sign it’s ugly and we know it.  Only seeing the pictures, I started warming up to it once I got used to the flatness.  But the video reveals some details that don’t help, mostly related to how the darker areas come across and together with the white.  Unlike the other contemporary inspired home we’ve posted so far, it’s at least a normal shape.

Interior – 6.3
Clean ambiance overall with no distracting/unnecessary lines.  Nice layout to primary bedroom (though lights here are too formal).  Does suffer a couple of noticeable misses – whatever’s going on with the floor right when you walk in, and the fireplaces in the family area and basement.  The latter is especially detrimental since those are central pieces to important parts of the house.  For me it’s almost enough to ruin those spaces, which severely lowers my interest in the house.  On the bright side, you can replace a fireplace, but that’s not something I want to worry about before moving in.   

Kitchen – 6.5
Safe.  Besides what I’m going to talk about in a second, nothing really draws your attention in a positive or negative way.  So definitely passable, but would be passable in a home 3/4 of the price as well – wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting more for over $2 mil.  The one thing that caught my eye was the counter turning into open space.  This can lead to a boxed in feeling sometimes.  I might have to tour the home to really tell, but from the looks, I think it actually creates some needed borders between the dining area/living room.

Bathrooms – 5.7
The walls in that powder room are unexpected but welcome, as is the sink.  Floor, I’m not as high on.  Nonetheless, they should’ve gone a similar direction in the primary.  It’s pretty generic, and that tub just seems randomly thrown down.  The mirror and vanity combination somewhat gives off the impression of a hair salon.

Amenities – 6.0
The patio space feels somewhat exposed – I would put a big fence to the right. Seems like a solidly sized, if not a bit rigid yard.  Here’s where you want flat, so the kids have room to set up two soccer nets across from each other.  After watching the video, there’s a chance that’s still possible.  Also – basement garage, which I’ve discussed.  

Over or Under – $2m
Average Exterior Rating2 Votes4.1
Average Interior Rating2 Votes7.0
Average Kitchen Rating2 Votes6.8
Average Bathrooms Rating2 Votes6.3
Average Amenities Rating2 Votes6.6


  • DillyDilly says:

    Not a fan of the exterior, but do like the amenities of the interior. Patio outside in the back is a nice touch, but I still need more out there. Seems a little boxed in on the inside too.

  • Baron says:

    See “Our Thoughts” above


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