Would you put up $1.925 for this contemporary in Bethesda?  You might be too late…  (“Pending sale” as of 11/12).

However, what you still can do is let the world know how you feel about it.  Not feeling the exterior?  Best kitchen ever?  Rate this house below, then see how it compares to others in the area here.


What does $1.9 get you here?  A relatively new home (built in 2017) with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a pool in the backyard.  The lot is 0.49 acres, and sits in Bethesda’s Country Club Village neighborhood.

Wynkoop Blvd, if I had to make an educated guess, is named after Edward D. Wynkoop, a Union general and founder of Denver.

A noticeable feature of this home is its basement garage.  In many instances, these can create inconveniences carrying in groceries and small children, and bring in unwanted noise to people above. This home has an elevator, which may help with the first issue.

Our Thoughts

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Exterior – 4.7
I’m somewhat biased against local contemporaries (usually generic), but this is better than a lot of the ones I see.  Maybe too much of the wood – prefer that taking a secondary role.

Interior – 5.8
Square footage seems to go to waste on the main level.  Largely blame the huge, ubiquitous columns.  Would definitely take a proper family room over the gigantic eating area we’re left with.

Kitchen – 3.9
If you like a kitchen that blends in well with the overall interior scheme, then you’re covered.  Nothing’s either out of place or particularly awe-inspiring.  Hard to imagine a more boring backsplash.

Bathrooms – 6.2
Not normally something I’d advocate for, but think an open shower design could’ve worked in the primary.  Doesn’t seem like much aesthetic thought was put into the secondaries.

Amenities – 6.9
Basement garage and stairs going up to the pool are slight pains.  Would’ve been nice for people in/by the pool to be able to communicate more easily with people on the patio.

Worth A Look? – 20817
Average Exterior Rating4 Votes5.9
Average Interior Rating4 Votes6.6
Average Kitchen Rating4 Votes5.6
Average Bathrooms Rating4 Votes6.2
Average Amenities Rating4 Votes6.7


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